Reutlingen to Zurich and home to Cape Town: Monday 2nd May – Tuesday 3rd May

We woke up early to say goodbye to Mathias.

"waterfall in the black forest"
waterfall in the black forest

We took a lovely drive through the Black Forest and we had lunch along the Rhine in a small village.

"looking into France"
looking into France

After Hockenheim we had a 50km ‘detour’ to the airport. Flew overnight to Johannesburg. Flew back to Cape Town and came home – what a lovely holiday! By far one of the most relaxing ones we have had.

Reutlingen: Sunday 1st May

We had a huge breakfast and then went to Schloss Lichtenstein.

"Schloss Lichtenstein"
Schloss Lichtenstein

We walked a massively steep hill to Ruine Hohenurach.

"view from Ruine Hohenurach"
view from Ruine Hohenurach

We had lunch at the bottom of the hill and then went to Teubingen. We walked through the old city and had a beer on the River Neckar before heading back to Reutlingen.


We walked 7kms today. We had racelette for supper and it was an awesome evening of chatting.


Toulouse to Reutlingen: Saturday 20th April

We woke up early for breakfast and to get to the airport for our flight. The flight to Frankfurt was delayed. We arrived in Frankfurt and drove on the autobahn to Michelle and Mathias. We stopped at a truck stop for lunch. We got up to 200km/h on the autobahn!

"huge white asparagus"
huge white asparagus


We arrived at M&M late afternoon and they have a beautiful home. I went shopping with Michelle. We had soup with flaedle to start and white asparagus with hollandaise sauce and potatoes for supper. Dessert was a chocolate and chilli ice cream with strawberries.

"Michelle's beautiful orchids"
Michelle’s beautiful orchids